Gas Fitter for Gas Heating

Gas Fitter for Gas Heating

Gas is a cheaper and more energy-efficient choice for heating if you don’t have solar panels.

Gas heating is instant compared with the effort of trying to split wood and light a fire.

Electric heaters are cheaper to buy upfront, but if you are paying electricity without any renewable energy supply your electricity will peak you out.

We will talk with you about the types of gas available in your area, types of gas heaters, the heater size required and if this is the best option for you to heat your home or office.

Gas heater room size guide

Room sizekW outputGas consumptionPurchase costRunning cost/2hrs
Small (29–42sqm)2.9–4.2kW13–15MJ/h$599–127559c–$1.00
Medium (46–66sqm)3.4–6.6kW18–21MJ/h$849–1149$1.08–1.33
Large (52–82sqm)5.2–8.2kW23+MJ/h$770–2090$1.44–2.06

Coast 2 Coast Plumbers are trained and certified in gas fitting and installation, gas leak detection and gas supply repairs. Do NOT try to install gas yourself and use an un-certified plumber. This is too dangerous to mess around with.

Gas Fitter for Gas Heating Coffs Harbour, Bellingen & Nambucca