Blocked Drains

Clear Blocked Drains

With all the rain leaving the ground so sodden, problems in your underground plumbing could start to show. Under ground pipes get cracks then start to back fill with silt and vegetation. It won’t take long before your drains don’t drain.

In some situations clearing the drain with jetblasters is only a temporary solution. In some jobs the pipes may needs to be excavated and relayed – that can be a huge jobs and why you want the best under slab plumbers on the job.

The story on this job wasn’t too bad. The laundry drainage pipes exited the slab directly and the problem was in a cracked grey water concrete trench.

Call us to have a look at your drainage problem. It could be smaller than you think. And it’s better to catch and fix it early than letting the destructive powers of water ruin your real estate.

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